Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lost in translation

So I would like to tell you about my Sunday. The whole day I kept thinking, this is an experience of confusion that doesn't happen to you at home. So on Saturday my host parents told me we were going on a trip to Los Andes and we were leaving at 9:30 and we would be back around 5, it would be a 2 hour car ride there. Now to me that means we are going to see the mountains, the Andes. They also said we were going to church though. So I am wondering how we are going to see the Andes and go to church and be back by 5? Well we left Sunday morning and arrived in this huge dirt parking lot around 11:30. I have no idea where we are. I see the Andes from a distance though (or I assume the tall mountains with snow on them are the Andes) So then we are on this "campus" with bathrooms, a couple of stores, restaurant, and an ice cream stand where we got a morning snack. Then I see a church and I finally understand that we are going to church now, but at home church is over at 12 so I was still a little off. The church had different times for services and we were going to the one started at 12:30. So my host mom and I went to sit down and my host dad went to light a candle for my host sister. My host mom said they only were going to church this time because my host sister started college on Monday, she said they usually never go to mass though. So there are so many people that my host dad and sister have to sit somewhere else, which I found a little strange. I would have thought my host mom would made sure to save them seats. Maybe you aren't allowed to save seats here? Anyways I went to a Catholic Mass in Spanish. I am glad I had been to Mass once before in my life (thank you Jill) so I knew a little about what was going on. After Mass I knew we were going to eat lunch so I was pretty excited about eating in a restaurant, I haven't really since I have been here. So we arrived at Jumbo which is like a Super Wal-mart. They said we are going to eat in the restaurant here because it is really fast and there aren't many people there after church. So then when we finish eating, we return home. I was totally confused about the whole day until we returned home. I have no idea why we went to church there, maybe they wanted to show me the countryside of Chile? I asked if they always go to that church and they said no they go to one here in the city too. So I know the story isn't that good but the whole day I just had this feeling that I never have at home because I always know what is going on and can easily ask what we are doing. I am definitely learning how to be more flexible and easy going, but thats pretty much because I don't have much control here.

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lizandmike said...

Hang onto your hat, Katie. We learn the most when we can't take anything for granted. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Lot of love!