Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chilly in Chile

It got a little bit colder today. We went to the beach but I stayed in my 3/4 length shirt and jeans. So my days have gotten better since the last post. Each day is easier which gives me hope for the next 5 months. I have been pretty spoiled by my host mom. She cooks 3 meals a day for me, does my laundry, and cleans my room every day. I even make my bed and she will remake it! She asks me what kind of food I like and she will go and buy it. She is currently on a hunt for peanut butter. I feel very comfortable in my room with American channels with shows in English, including my favorites: Friends, Grey's Anatomy, and The OC! I have met many nice other exchange students and we hang out after orientation which has taken place all of this week. We start classes on Monday so hopefully that will go well. Their class schedule is very different than ours. They have a system like periods, so like period 1-2 is 8:15-9:45. Also they have many different buildings in Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. They are about a 20 min bus ride from each other so you can't have classes back to back if they are in different cities. If it sounds confusing, trust me it is. Anyways, they have some forest fires but I believe they help create the most beautiful sunsets.


lizandmike said...

Hey, Katie,

Very pretty sunset! And your room looks nice. What classes will you be taking? Send a photo of the beach if you get a chance.

jonas bonus said...

mmmm...peanut butter