Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Lake Tahoe of Chile: Pucon

So this past weekend we went to Pucon which is a beautiful yet touristy town. They have many outdoor activities revolving around the beautiful countryside, rivers, lakes, volcanoes, and mountains. We took a 12 hour bus ride Wednesday night and arrived Thursday morning around 8 in Pucon. We checked in to our hostel and was immediately given many options of activities to fill the 3 days we were there. We did white water rafting on Thursday. It was a lot of fun and semi scary. I seemed to have lost my adventure side over the past few years. We had to jump off this cliff into the river and I really didn't want to but I had to get back to the raft. Its hard for me to trust my safety and life with the guides I just met. My mom keeps reminding me the safety regulations are a lot looser here so now I am on edge about how safe I really am when I put my life in other people's hands. Anyways we finished our rafting trip with a pisco sour (pisco is the brandy made here in chile). Friday morning we woke up before sunrise to get ready to hike the volcano. As we were driving up to the base of the volcano I kept wanting to back out but felt the pressure that i shouldn't. Of course hiking a volcano sounds very cool, but it also sounds very unlike something I would enjoy. Having the gas mask in my back pack and seeing the ice picks we may have to use was just really making me question my decision. Well when we got to the base of the volcano the guides said it was really cloudy at top and it would be really windy, making it hard to summit. So we decided to wait another day so the weather would be better. I took this as a second chance and backed out. I decided there was something else I would want to put my money towards and enjoy more. I signed up for horseback riding! So on Friday we walked around the town of Pucon and heard more English than I have heard the whole time I have been here. So Saturday morning my friends woke up early again and went up to the volcano base. My horseback riding wasn't until the afternoon so I went down to the lake to write in my journal. As I was there I got a call that the volcano had rejected my friends again, this time because it was so windy at the base they couldn't even stand. So this just wasn't a good weekend for the volcano climb. So me and my friend Thea ended up going horseback riding which was very fun and beautiful and then the other girls went on a hike in national park. We were all so sore after Saturdays activities and our 12 hour bus ride Saturday night. So we didn't get to do everything we wanted but overall it was a great trip. We may even return!

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